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2024 SCLU Memorial Day Contest Highlights

It was just over a month ago that we were at steamer lane hosting our annual club invitational! This year we had over 200 contestants from all over California. The waves were a bit small but the smiles were still huge from reuniting with friends. We had 10 boards for raffle and one during out dinner silent auction. New this year we had a shapers heat!

From Left to right: Jon "Spiko" Henderson, Fantine Capron, Becca Benjamin, Stefan, Woliczkon, Wyatt Dixon and Kyle "Juicebox" Johnson.

Also new this year we handed out a few special awards (Volunteer, Sportsmanship and Judging) donated by Tom & Barb Gibbons Surfing Educational Trust Fund and Sponsored by California Surf Museum. In addition we handed out a Legacy Award to Matt Micuda.

Top Panel Left to Right: Matt Micuda - Legacy Award, Ozstar DeJourday - Sportsmanship, Jon "Spiko" Henderson - Sportsmanship. Bottom Panel Left to Right: Reed Skelton - Volunteer, Violet Derr -Volunteer, Emily Goodwin - Volunteer.

Every year our novice and push-in is always a huge highlight and a great way to get the contest started! We had 25 novice and push-in surfers show up at 6:30AM on Saturday morning eager to learn how to catch some waves!

Lastly, we were fortunate enough to have Nat Gerding and her husband Ben spend countless hours in the water shooting our contestants! If you haven't checked out the photos, you need too! Even better they are organized by heats, make sure to tag @SALTYNAT and if inclined drop her a tip via venmo.

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