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Dreamy Lefts and Strengthening Friendships in Mexico by Quentin Saludes

When a swell rolls into Santa Cruz, we are happy to pull on our wetsuit, brave the crowd and plunge into the ocean to get our fill. The sting of the icy cold water on our hands fades with each stroke, and soon, remains at bay, at least for a while. We consider ourselves lucky to have such rich oceanic diversity in our backyard, as others must drive hours to reach a surf starved stretch of coastline, but when we stepped into the 88º water at La Saladita, Mexico we are blessed from our toes to our souls.

There is planning and a plane flight. There are car rentals and accommodations. There are money exchanges and hiccups; and during this trip, there was even a club member who realized the day before departure that his passport was expired. He did not make it to Mexico. So, it is the accumulation of these challenges and preparations that enrich the journey and make it so much more than the sum of its parts.

On this journey we have a random hod-podge of Santa Cruz Longboard Union club members making the journey to Guerrero State in Mexico to surf perfect lefts over cobblestone reefs. Every day, our crew woke at 5:00 am eating granola and yogurt swiftly, to make the drive, either short or long, to our desired surf destination of the day. We paddle out as the sun kisses our backs and the sea is as calm and smooth as the skin of a bat ray. We meet new friends in the water and surf to our hearts content, until our arms flop like noodles or until the breeze unduly ripples the water.

The rest of our day is spent lounging by the pool, dipping back into the ocean, searching for shells on stretches of white sand beaches, reading, napping or debating which restaurant in Troncones is going to offer us the best huachinango, empanadas or freshly made corn tortillas that taste most like abula Belen’s. Bedtimes come early for this set of surfers, because this is a surf trip, and mornings are when we strike it rich.

Surf Trips can be fraught with injuries, sickness and crossed personalities, but this one was high on comradery and low on drama. This surf trip brought out the love and companionship of old friends and like-minded SCLU club members whose true desires involve a selfless desire for another person’s well-being and stoke on a wave. Waves were given and waves were shared, and those shall remain as some of the most memorable of this trip.

We are grateful for the company of friends.We are grateful for the smiles.We are grateful for this club that has brought us all together.We hope we get to share an adventure with you and hear of the adventures you share with your friends and the members of your club.


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