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2023 Gold Sponsors

A huge thank you to all of our sponsors! We are immensely and sincerely appreciative for all of their contributions to our event.  Please be sure to visit and support our local businesses.

Andreini Surfboard

Andreini Surfboards

Marc Andreini is a designer and shaper of custom surfboards for over 40 years. Specializing in boards for all wave types, locations, and the special people who surf there. World wide shipping available. 

The Crow's Nest

The Crow's Nest Restaurant has been providing a memorable dining experience to locals and visitors for nearly 50 years. They are family-owned and very proud of our reputation and the satisfaction of our guests.

Crow's Nest
Devcon Construction

Devcon Construction, Inc.

We are a relationship oriented company where customers are top priority. We are dedicated to making their construction experience a successful one. We are known for providing outstanding quality, meeting time commitments and being budget oriented.

The Dream Inn Santa Cruz

A Santa Cruz favorite for surfing, sunsets and the freshest seafood, the Dream Inn is a beloved local landmark on the historic Beach Boardwalk.

Dream Inn
Doug Haut

Doug Haut Custom Surfboards

Few outside Santa Cruz know the illustrious story of one of the best surfer- surfboard shapers to emerge from California. Doug Haut could have built a career out of his surfing accomplishments: charging Sunset Beach in the 60's, being an invitee to the prestigious Duke Kahanamoku contest, five decades of riding Steamer Lane.

JuiceBox Surfboards

Inspired by the true craftsmen of the industry, my goal has been to embrace and learn the craft from start to finish and constantly strive for higher quality both in design and aesthetic.  I have been fortunate enough to study alongside master board builders and learn the fundamental techniques in shaping, glassing, sanding, resin work and design.

Juicebox Surfboards
Pacwave Surf Shop

Pacific Wave Surf Shop

Pacific Wave Surf Shop is a family owned business that opened in 1993 on Pacific Avenue, in the heart of downtown Santa Cruz. After the Loma Prieta earthquake changed much of downtown, Pacific Wave was able to move into the empty and damaged old historical building that was once the county bank in 1895. Inspired by other local surf shop, but also by the ever growing surf and skate culture that embodies Santa Cruz, Pacific Wave has taken the local surf shop mentality to a whole new level.

Pearson Arrow Surfboards

Created in 1969 by Bob Pearson, Arrow was founded with the end customer in mind. Initially created to battle the mediocrity and lack of professionalism in the surf industry, Arrow strives to take customer service to an unseen high. Nowhere else in the surfing industry can an everyday Joe find a shaper, factory, and product geared so specifically towards his or her lifestyle. 

Pearson Arrow
Pizza My Heart

Pizza My Heart

Pizza My Heart was founded right on Capitola Beach, and is still there.  It’s not much larger than the average bedroom, but that tiny Capitola restaurant has become a landmark for surfers and beachgoers alike. 

Shrine of St. Joseph

Open every day from 9-5, the Shrine church allows you to experience the presence of Our Lord in the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist and through quiet, contemplative prayer and expression of personal devotion. We offer daily Mass and confession.

Shrine StJoseph

Steamer Lane Supply

Healthy and delicious food and drinks along with surf supplies and apparel, located within lighthouse field state beach. Look for us directly across the street from the world class surf break from which we got our name. If you need to fuel up for a sesh or after a run, need a tasty snack as you mosey along the cliffs, or snapped a leash catchin' a BOMB...WE GOT YOU!!!!

Strive Surfboards

Visit us at the shop:

815 Almar Ave. #8
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(just up the street from Mitchell's Cove)

Or send us an email:

Strive Surfboards
Stockwell Cellars

Stockwell Cellars

We're a family owned and operated boutique urban winery and gathering place, making handcrafted unmanipulated single varietal wines and blends using Old World techniques and New World technology. Visit our warm and welcoming tasting room in Santa Cruz, CA. Mingle among local art and relaxing sofas nestled between dancing firelight. It's a little like gathering at a modern version of the village smithy.

Vernor Surfboards

High performance surfboards made in Santa Cruz,CA

From beginner to professional, Vernor Surfboards has a wide range of boards to choose from.

Vernor Surfboards
Ward Coffey Shapes

Ward Coffey Shapes

Let's face it folks, most people like comets, rockets and meteors, loud bangs and fireworks. Admittedly, there have been very little of these pyrotechnics at Ward Coffey Shapes over the last 25 years. I've been content to quietly hang my shingle, listen to my customer's wants and desires, and go into my hobbit hole and produce the goods. It seems to work and I thank you all for it.

Joey Thomas Surfboards

Joey Thomas is a pioneer surfer and shaper in California. Surfing and Shaping since the 60's he had his start with Dewey Weber. JT lives in Santa Cruz since the 70's and still surfs and shape today. Joe is going on 50+ years of riding and shaping surfboards and is considered to be one of the very few true master craftsman left in the surfboard shaping world.

JoeyThomas Surfboards
Leechy Surfboards
Leechy Surfboard

Leechy Surfboards

Backyard surfboard builder born and raised on the westside of Santa Cruz.

Benjmark Surfboards

Benjmark Surfboards

Benjmark Surfboards was founded by Rebecca Benjamin in Santa Cruz, CA. In 2015 Benjamin began working for 2 Mile Surf Shop in Bolinas, CA and it was this job and the love of surfing that would later have Benjamin moving to Santa Cruz in 2018 to finish her degrees in Computational Mathematics and Legal Studies. In 2020 when the pandemic hit and Benjamin was finishing her thesis on the Hydrodynamics of Surfboard Design, 2 Mile Surf Shop burnt to the ground so instead she found herself spending hours at Almar Surf Works learning shaping and resin work from Michel Junod and Jon Henderson (Strive Surfboards). The fusion of mathematics and surfing blend together in Benjamin’s unique perspective of approaching the water and the crafts which she creates.

Benjmark Surfboards

Stormriders Surfboards

Ride the Sea of Joy spreading Aloha ! throughout the surfing communities of the world. Our sanctuary is sharing peace and aptitude for the environment we live in.

Dixon Surfboards

Wyatt is a 16 year old grom who has grown up on the beaches of Pleasure Point. He has watched his dad shape surfboards in their backyard shaping bay his whole life and started to take an interest in it. He shaped and glassed his first board when he was 14, and the bug took hold. Wyatt surfs every type of board available but has a strong connection to vintage boards and classic longboarding.

Dixon Surfboards

Surf Rats

 Surfrats is a Santa Cruz company and was started by Matt and Martha Collins, a local family raising more surf rats. The Surf Rats logo was created by the late Jay Collins, Matt's father. Matt and his brothers grew up surfing Santa Cruz, and are the original Surf Rats. Our brand represents the surfing lifestyle and love of the beach and the ocean.  Besides our Surf Rats line, we also offer products which display the numerous other works of art by Jay Collins, which were inspired by our beautiful California coast.

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