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Club Holiday Party & Bonfire

Cindy and Paul hosted the Club Holiday Party on December 17 at the clubhouse of their mobile home park. It was a night full of great food, ugly sweaters, and vicious battles for the most coveted White Elephant Gifts. The Board gifted Jane with a sports director’s chair, complete with a custom SCLU logo and built-in drink table. The new/soon-to-be moms in the club received tiny club sweatshirts to deck out their growing families, and one was spotted in action on the cliff soon after.

It was tough to find a break in the weather, but the rain held off for a night and the traditional club holiday tree bonfire was held on January 6 at 26th Avenue/Moran Lake Beach.

The usual suspects were there and we had a few more trees to burn than there were people in attendance. Cindy brought some delicious soup, and chainsaw man showed up, though we did not need the extra support. As is often the case at our social events, everybody had a good time. There was a doozy of a storm on the way and we burned the trees tall and bright. Then, a few sprinkles fell from the sky, and everybody scurried away like little mice when the lights come on.


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